PAN card enquiry

If you are a citizen of India, then one of the most important identity proofs which you must have is your PAN card. The PAN or the permanent account number is a part of the PAN card issued by the income tax department of India under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. Read on for clarification of your PAN card enquiry questions and doubts.

Where Is The PAN Card Required?

The PAN (Permanent Account Number) card is almost mandatory these days in almost all financial transactions. For bank account making and for money transactions, collection of professional fees or taxable salary as well PAN card might be necessary in most cases. If anyone purchases or sells assets beyond the given limited amount then a PAN card needs to be present for identification. This way, the government can keep track on illegal money and tax evasions.

How Can You Apply For You PAN Card?

You can apply for your PAN card directly online. All you have to do is, visit this website where you can get the form. Open the link provided and a PDF format form will open. Click on the download option and get the form. Fill it up and send it to the required source. It will be approved and processed and your PAN card with your unique PAN will be mailed to your provided address. You can also keep track of your PAN card status by filling in the details at the status check for PAN cards. You have to choose a type (form 49a or CSF) and enter your coupon number and you can easily find out the status of the PAN card. If there are any printing details, then apply for correction immediately.

   PAN Card Correction Pan Card Application Form  
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